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Business services

Hybrid’Production’s goal is to work hand in hand with publishers, making our know-how in terms of sound design for ebooks available, in the view of launching enhanced ebooks for touch pads and smartphones.

Hybrid’books are ebooks with a dedicated soundtrack, in synch with your reading, which can also provide all sorts of multimedia content. Although for all audiences, they are especially targeted for children, teenagers and young adults.

Hybrid'Production works as a consultant and content provider for the publishers (soundtrack's production and musical rights' clearance).

We adapt the Hybrid'Book's format to ePub (fixed layout/ePub 3) for publishing on Apple's iBookstore (and hopefully soon on Kindle and Kobo stores). You can discover some of the Hybrid'Books we have published on the iBookstore (Dracula, by Bram Stoker and two Grimm brothers' tales). But Hybrid'Book is also a free enhanced books' reader application, available on the App Store. It can be proposed to any publisher with its own graphic environment, at a very reasonable fee.

Hybrid' Book - livre numerique, ibook, ebook sur ipad, iphone et android
Hybrid’Book is provided by Hybrid’Production
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App for iPhone iPad Hybrid Book available for download on the Apple AppStore