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Hybrid’Book, at a time when eBooks are on the rise, brings literature enthusiasts, sound designers, composers and sound engineers experienced in movies, advertisement and radio together, in order to create a new media, with the best of both worlds.

Our team’s strength relies on our competencies in terms of consulting and management in innovative technologies, sound design and music, marketing and communication in the culture and media areas.

Denis Lecoq

Musician (first concert at age 16 and several projects on independent recording labels in the early 80s), political science phd, Denis specialized in innovation management working at CM International, a French consulting company for 10 years in relation with the government, start-ups and investment funds.

Laurence Mercier

Assistant Manager – Head of marketing and communication
Laurence Mercier is experienced both in film production and communication in the culture and media fields. Film producer, consultant in communication strategy, event management and partnerships, Laurence has recently worked as head of communication for a French TV channel.

Jérémy Pons

Assistant Manager-Artistic Director
Composer and sound engineer, Jérémy has great experience in most sound fields : movies, television, radio and stage. He has directed over 700 short radio programs and written hundreds of sound designs. He recently was sound director for RFI (Radio France International).


Michel Adamik
Michel is a sound engineer, editor and designer, he has worked in various fields including advertisement, movies, documentaries and television.

Jean-Christophe Bork
Sound mixer, sound editor and designer, Jean-Christophe has been working for 4 years in a TV and movies postproduction company. He was an active contributor in the conception’s process for the Hybrid'book soundtrack.

Shäy Mané
Shäy is an experienced composer, sound designer, producer and artistic director, in various fields from animation films, advertisement, websites, live shows. As a music album producer and composer he is a musician at heart.

Célia Perret
Sound director for RFI, she is the youngest member of the sound team. She has worked live for BBS Backline, Scène Bastille, Disneyland and Atkis, and has worked for TV and post production as well

Julien Riquier
Producer for many radios, Julien is also a sound director for RFI. As a sound designer and mixer he has participated in various projects in advertisement and television.

Hybrid'Production is both a sound creating and sound editing studio.

App development: Loïc Griffié, with Michèle Sengsavang for graphic design


Graphic Design and motion : Grégoire Courtois

Graphic designer, film editor, an After Effect expert, he has worked in various fields, including credits and channel identity creation. He conceives logos, icons and develops interfaces and animations for our books and app.

Web design and development : Cédric Albrecht - WEBLA


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